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Dr. Martin P Zahl D.C

Dr. Martin Zahl DC

Dr Marty grew up in Allendale and graduated from Allendale Public High School in 1988.  A strong desire to serve drove him to join the Marines.  He left almost immediately after graduation for Marine Corps Boot Camp in San Diego California.  A high energy person Marty did well in the Marines moving from a Heavy Machine Gun Unit to a Special Forces Reconnaissance Unit.  He is a proud veteran of Operation Desert Storm and also saw some action during the Philippine Coupe attempt.  He left the Marines to get married and attend college with the intention of rejoining the Marines as an officer after he finished.

During college he realized that he would really like to help people as some sort of doctor.  That was when he rediscovered Chiropractic.

As a child the Chiropractor had been the guy his mom went to when she just couldn’t take her headaches any more.  With four boys I’m sure you can see there were plenty.  Marty had to write a paper comparing and contrasting something.  So he thought he’d compare the different kinds of health fields to try and see where he would fit.

He went to visit his mom’s Chiropractor.  The first thing he did was insult the poor man by asking if he was a real doctor.  Luckily, he just laughed it off and said “Yes, I am a real doctor.”  After they had talked for a little while it came out the Marty was having Carpal Tunnel in his wrists.  “Do you want me to look at that,”  the Chiropractor offered.  He  moved the bones in the wrist and hand before asking Marty to move them around and see how they felt.  It took a couple more visits before they held, but after that they were good for years.  That was when the decision to become a Chiropractor was solidified in his head.   He and Stephanie moved to Iowa so he could attend Palmer College of Chiropractic.  At the end of his five years at Palmer he decided he wanted to practice at home so he could take care of his friends and family.  So he and his now much larger family (2 kids and 3 dogs) packed up and moved back to Allendale.  Where he opened his own practice in 2003, and as been serving the community he loves ever since.  When he’s not working on his projects, and there are many.


Stephanie Zahl

Stephanie grew up in Allendale as well.  She attended Allendale Christian School through ninth grade when she moved to Unity High School in Hudsonville graduating in 1989.  She attended Calvin and Grand Rapids Community college.